Yes, you.
I’m talking to you, Lizzie.”

These were the first words
I had heard from him.
This is the first time I had heard
Sentences instead of a grin.

I didn’t know
What his intentions were.
We had never spoken before.
And people whispered, “Why is he talking to

I turned around
With my head turned down.
I heard him start to walk towards
I was in the moment..
I didn’t see.

He was standing
Smack in front of me.
Groups were laughing,
And I was getting rosy cheeks.

“Did you know
That you’re beautiful, Lizzie?”.
I immediately said in a low voice

He had to be joking.
This couldn’t possibly be
Maybe he was just poking

His hand went to my chin.
My head was raised up.
And there was the grin
Every girl had come to love.

He put his head back
And laughed.
I felt like I was just

He released his hand
And it all went away.
He went back to stand
Near his friends.
Another average day.


This is a real life experience and I honestly regret liking him at all. He turned out to be a drug abuser and he cheated on all of his girlfriends. I’m glad he went away from him. I didn’t have to experience any pain from him.

Feedback is appreciated. Negative comments will NOT be tolerated on ANY of my posts. I know the difference between criticism and negative feedback.

Thanks for reading,



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